• 钢材厂环保处理

    Steel Mill

  • 垃圾站环保渗滤液处理

    Trash Site

  • 重金属环保处理

    Heavy Metal Wastewater

  • 印染厂废水处理

    Printing and Dyeing Factory


  • 废水环保处理

    Excessive Emissions

  • 工业废水环保处理排放

    Industrial Wastewater

  • 垃圾渗滤液环保处理

    Landfill Leachate

  • 环保处理整改期限

    Revision Within Time Limit

  • 环保环境污染


  • 环保高额罚款

    Heavy Fines

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Guangdong Kailian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the comprehensive treatment of electroplating wastewater, steel pickling wastewater and waste acid treatment and other industrial wastewater, landfill leachate harmless, resource utilization, reduction, green recycling and zero discharge , is a comprehensive environmental protection technology enterprise integrating technology, research and development, sales, construction, equipment production and technical services.

In line with the business philosophy of talent leadership, integrity management, excellent brand, and technological innovation, the company has introduced foreign high-end technology. And with domestic universities, research institutes and other scientific research institutions, to promote the "production, learning, research" in-depth cooperation and achievement transformation of scientific research projects, and promote the upgrading of the industry. And relying on the support of technology and intellectual property rights of Guangdong Kailian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., it has the right to use 6 soft-authored work certificates, 19 patented technologies, and 2 group standards.

Honor Certificates

  • Landfill Leachate Full Quantification Technology and Process

  • Process Water and Wastewater Treatment Services for Industrial and Commercial Sectors

    Through the combination of membrane treatment process and EDI/mixed bed process, Kailian Environmental Protection provides a process water treatment system with a water quality of up to 18 megohms/c...
  • Landfill Leachate Treatment Services for Municipal Sectors

    Landfill leachate treatment services for the municipal sector, Kailian Environmental Protection makes full use of existing technologies, and relies on membrane treatment systems and various supporti...